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BBQ Caddie

The BBQ Caddie – Necessity is the Mother of Better Grilling


BBQ Caddie inventors Karl and Brad are longtime friends, family men and lovers of the simple pleasures in life. This includes the joy of preparing and cooking fine meals over fire – whether it be gas, wood or charcoal. They first met at Penn State in 1979 where they became fast friends. After graduation, they both went to California to start work. Their careers took them in different directions and to different parts of the country, but ultimately they landed back East to raise their children closer to family. Karl in Pittsburgh, PA and Brad in Albany, NY.


This allowed Karl, Brad and their families to see each other more often, including annual visits to Karl’s lake house in Findley, NY.  It was there a few years ago that the inspiration for the BBQ Caddie occurred. For Brad and Karl, outdoor cookouts have always been a big part of the lake experience.  One afternoon Brad was preparing to grill mass quantities of chicken and other fine meats on the grill. There were no tables or other places to store food, seasonings or the tools needed for grilling. So one of them grabbed a sharpie and they started sketching right there on the paper BBQ tablecloth. Thus, the BBQ Caddie was born out of the need for a product that offers convenience, proximity and organization!

A vertical orientation allows for a smaller footprint than a row of tables and it is easier to carry and set up. Perfect for backyard grilling, tailgates, camping, small patios and anyplace where space is at a premium.

Product Development has been a long road!  Brad and Karl started out with just a sketch.  The first prototype was huge and bulky.  Over time, through design changes, refinements and testing, the pair are now ecstatic about the final design.  Final prototypes have been produced and tested in the field – at Penn State football games and cookouts at Findley.  Everyone who uses the BBQ Caddie gives it rave reviews for its superior performance and portability.

Brad and Karl are fundraising to manufacture the first 1,500 units.  They hope you enjoy the BBQ Caddie as much as they do!

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